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PRIVATE - Every party is a private party. That means in the 3,000 square foot Adrenaline Party zone, your group has the whole area to yourselves including the Party room. 

EASY - Because your party guests have so much to do and it's all unique and fun, there is very little to do for you as the party host. We want you to decorate the room, but you don't have to, it's white, black and gold so its already awesome, but make it whatever you want it to be. Here is one of the most awesome examples right here:




ACTION - An Adrenaline party is designed for action, jumping and throwing in a trampoline basketball type game, just about anything you want in the 800 square foot inflatable called SportsFusion, ping pong, a 22 foot climbing rope that is often used as a swinging rope. 3 arcade games and aa chair if you need it!

ALL AGES - One of the most common questions is what is the right age for an Adrenaline party. We haven't found just one yet. Our youngest pary was 5 year olds and our oldest a 70 year old birthday. So I guess, let's just say, 5 to 70 and we'll update this if we get a younger one or an older one!

HOW MANY - Our minimum is 5 people and our maximum is  40. (Although our record is 150 which involves a whole different approach so call for a custom setup and programmed event if you have more than 40).

HOW LONG and HOW MUCH - 2.5 hours for $25 per participant. A participant is anyone who participates in any of the Adrenaline zone activities. So if you have 10 kids and 20 parents it could be anywhere from 10 to 30. If the parents don't participate then they are free. If they do, then they count as a participant. We figure that out together at the end of your party.

HOSPITALITY - You will quickly discover that your host Steve and sometimes Terry are naturally gifted with hospitality. In effect, our place is now your place. We help but never hover. You can feel at home, safe, protected, guided if you want and always welcome.

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